Sailing Challenges

The sailing you undertake can be a challenge without the level of expertise and experience required to weather the storm. Teamwork in sailing is a better way of ensuring success. Pooling efforts together ensures you are able to support one another all through the hard times and the most difficult moments that you will face as a team in completing this daunting task – sailing.

This is a list of some various sailing challenges:

1. The great river race rowing challenge: This is the most prestigious and biggest event in Europe with 300 crews or more, taking part in the competition. This event attracts all kinds of teams, from fancily dressed novices to seasoned athletes, creating a very unique experience on the River Thames. All equipment for training is provided, including the needed support and safety, thus anyone can take part in it. This challenge requires teams of seven rowers, as well as one passenger to row 21 miles. This one of a kind challenge will completely change your life and does not require experience but some sense of adventure.

2. The channel row challenge: this is a lifetime challenge, one of a kind. Sailing away from the sight of land through shipping lane and heading back to the Dover Harbor safety and your supporters’ rapturous cheers awaits you on the beach. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to participate in. All that is needed to achieve this exciting experience is a team of six or seven rowers, rowing 23 miles to Abbeyville Buoy from Dover Harbor through the France coast. What makes this challenge even more exciting is the fact that you will be crossing the world’s busiest shipping lanes and will definitely return changed forever. You do not have to have rowed before to be a participant.

3. The Meridian pull rowing challenge: this requires rowing past the London landmarks towards parliament houses on the River Thames under Tower Bridge and through central London. To qualify as a rower you need to be twelve years old or more. This sailing challenge entails rowing 8.5 miles past London landmarks, thus you get the opportunity to see London from some completely different view point. This sailing challenge requires no form of experience, but a team of six rowers with some good sense of adventure.

The above three challenges are meant to take place in London as a means to generate cash or a few dollars for charity work. Therefore, to participate in the above sailing challenges you must be able to raise funds to aid charity. You do not need to have sailing experience, and all levels of fitness are invited.

4. Around the clock sailing challenge to the Channel Islands: to experience the sailing of a classic wonderful yawl racing 46 feet boat thrill, this is your perfect chance. You will sail through with your fellow challengers in the company of a professional mate and skipper to Channel Islands from Poole. Musketeer is truly a traditional boat with sleek line, built in 1963, of Honduras mahogany. Even though it is fast, a crew is needed, and this is how you come in to build and be a part of the great experience.



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Maintaining Your Sailboat

Small or big, souped up or basic, there is one thing that all sailboats need- maintenance. Fortunately, doing routine maintenance or even small repairs isn’t that tough. The importance of doing maintenance on sailboats is beneficial in the long run. Its vital to follow the following steps when maintaining your sailboat so as to avoid repairs that are always costly;

  1. Washing your sailboat regularly- Any time you sail in saltwater, make sure that you properly rinse the boat thoroughly with some fresh water after all outings so as to remove the salty residues
  2. Use cleaners and soaps made purposely for boats so as to protect the boat’s finish
  3. Change the boat’s oil on regular basis- four-stroke inboards, outboards as well as stern drive boats do require oil changes on regular occasions. Although the frequency varies on different models, the general rule is that you must ensure that you change oil after every 100 hours of operation or once every year
  4. Checking the propeller must be part of every pre-launch routine- if you have a stern boat drive or an outboard ensure that you use deep sockets to ensure that the propeller nut remains secure.
  5. Remove the propeller on several occasions during the season to ensure that fishing lines do not get wrapped up around the shaft of the propeller- if it gets wrapped around the propeller; make contact with a dealer so that he can do an inspection on the gear case since fishing lines mostly cause gear-case leaks. Another reason why you must call a dealer is that gear case services are not jobs that you can perfectly do on your own
  6. Whenever you take off the propeller, ensure that you do an inspection on the dents, nicks as well as other damages-its okay if your propeller is missing some paint but make sure you do some repairs whenever you notice any sign of impact. Even the smallest dents can make the boat to lose up to 10% and this will make it to burn more fuel as compared to normal days
  7. Put liberal amounts of waterproof on propeller shafts and re-install hardware and propellers in the same order you used when taking them off. Tighten the propeller nuts according to the specifications of the manufacturer. Never forget to put new cotter pins whenever you have outboards


  • – Long-handled boat brushes or spray wands ensure that the process of washing sailboats is quite easy. Its easy to find these tools at all local marine retail stores
  • – Its unfortunate that there aren’t available shops for quick oil change on boats; this means that the responsibility of changing oil on sailboats rests on the shoulder of the owner or the local dealer
  • – It’s quite easy to change oil in the engine of the boat. On most occasions, its much easier as compared to changing oil in the car


Whenever you are tempted to avoid the responsibility of cleaning a sailboat always remember that boats that have clean hull bottoms are more fuel-efficient as compared to hulls that have dirty hulls. Hulls filed with algae and other aquatic scums have the potential of adding up to a maximum of 30% in fuel costs.

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Introduction to Sailing

Initially, sailing began as a way for people to travel and discover the world. Long before the creation of the railway systems and the roads, people would either ride on horses, donkeys, walk or sail in boats. Sailors were explorers. Sailing is the whole reason there are reassure hunts in the sea and all those pirate stories children learn about in the cartoons. Today, sailors sill maintain the bold spirit of exploration but e difference is that sailing today is a fun sporting even not a serious travel or trading thing. There is just something about going to the sea that creates a moment of fun and brings feelings of freedom. Today people go out sailing because they love water. It has been ranked the 17th fastest growing sport in the US. It is also an ageless sport so do not think that all those who can participate in it are the young people, even a 90 year old with enough strength and who knows how to get down can go sailing. Children too will love the view and the beauty of the blue skies and the endless sea.

Types of sailing

Dinghies, daysailers and keelboats

These are most suitable for people who are just beginning sailing. If you have never sailed before, this is the types of sailing boats to begin with. The trick to any sailing is to make it fun. One- step at a time as you learn how to maneuver and control. These boats are easy to control and are usually less than 25 feet in length. You are able to sail them alone also known as, solo sailing or you can sail with a crewmember. As you become a sailing expert, you can advance to the more complex boats. They are used for college racing and are therefore perfect for weekend warriors.


This takes your sailing adventures to a completely new level. Make cruising a lifestyle! If you have heard about people who sail around the world then you know they are cruising. Usually cruisers will use vessels ranging from keelboat to large yachts. Most of the cruising boats have a comfortable home bellow the deck and may include beds, bathrooms and sometimes even entertainment systems. If you want to sail without having to work, you can hire a boat with skippers of a yacht with a crew. Sunset cruises and Caribbean sailing vacations are the most family friendly sailing adventures.

Nude sailing

If you are the daring type then nude sailing is what you should be trying. It gives you the chance to hop from one island to the next, relax and just enjoy the beautiful view of nature. In such a sail,It is best to remember to pack a little extra sunscreen. You can sail for a day of for multiple days spending on which resort you go to.

Ice sailing

Also known as ice yachting, ice surfing, ice boating or hard water sailing, this is a sailing sport done in the winter. Who said winter was boring? It is a sport that began in the Netherlands and has been catching on with the rest of the world to become very famous.




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Best Sailing Spots

Sailing has become one of the vast pleasures of travel today. Many sailors long to explore the best sailing spots in the world and get a life changing experience even if it means heading off to the ends of the earth to find this places. In this article we have put together the five best sailing spots that any sailing enthusiast should explore. The incredibly assorted places are known to have the most extra ordinary waters on earth. The best sailing spots have astonishing inland waters which give a sailor the best experience he or she could ever have. Here is a selection of the best sailing spots;

  1. The Grenadines.

Also known as the ’The Spice Islands’, Grenadines is placed first position among the best sailing spots because it has thirty two scenic islands located sixty miles from the Southern Caribbean in the West Indies. The locations of these Islands offers the sailors the ideal blend of culture, abundant marine life, dramatic landscapes, friendly people and flawless white sand beaches. It is also known to have the world’s greatest sailing waters with the perfect sailing conditions and also does not easily get crowded.

  1. Catalina Island, California.

Located twenty two miles from South West Los Angeles, Catalina Island is a boating Paradise which has professional divers, sailors and all types of sailing enthusiasts. The Island is one of the best sailing spots because it has clear waters which are filled with sunken ships, plenty of marine life and a plane wreck. The Island also has glass bottom boats and chatter yachts. Apart from that it has two harbors and a small village.

  1. Croatia.

Croatia is one of the best sailing spots in the world because of its crystalline Adriatic where the sun shines brightly always and has amazing waters which gently split in small segments more than 1,100 miles of coastline. Croatia also has amazing beaches with lush green slopes. It is located in Europe and is also the most amazing town in that entire continent.

  1. Galapagos Island Ecuador.

Galapagos Island is located in Ecuador on the Eastern Pacific Ocean and though it is a remote Island it is listed among the best sailing spots in the world. Sailing lovers from all over the world have visited this Island to explore its legendary once in a life time cruising experience which is enhanced by its rare wild life, penguins, tortoises and variety of boats.

  1. French Polynesia.

It is made up of five groups of Islands which include Tahiti, Moorea, Bora-Bora, Tahaa, and Raiatea. It also has spectacular waterfalls, volcanic peaks dotted with lush vegetation and beautiful lagoons. The French Polynesia is the one of the best sailing spots because its vast Islands offer a wonderful sailing experience which combines exotic marine life and traditional culture to give a sailor the best cruising experience he or she have ever had. The French Polynesia is located in the South Pacific and its islands stretch about 770 miles.

The above listed spots are the best sailing spots which are recommended for all sailing enthusiasts who are out to have the best sailing vacations and cruising experiences that they could ever have. Select the destination that has fascinated you the most and head there to get your most desired life changing experience.

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Essential Sailing Supplies

There are different ways you can enjoy sailing, from low-stakes racing and day sails to adventurous offshore passages and long-term cruising. However, the sea and winds are always the same thus posing the same challenges and presenting the same opportunities. However, it is also good to note that sailing gear has also upgraded thus giving you the experience and safety whenever you venture into the deep seas. As the sailboat technology advances, personal items have also improved and here are some of the essential sailing supplies you should have as you prepare for a sailing experience.


As darkness covers the sea, you will need to find your way without problems and the best way is when you have a LED headlamp. The headlamp does not require your hands to be engaged and you can do other important things including sail changes. You should choose the right headlamp and it is advisable to get a one-piece set as opposed to one with separate battery box.

Foul weather gear

This gear is a must have if you are to go sailing. You should invest in a good gear that will help you when the need arises. In some cases, you might sail on waters where foul weather is a rare occurrence while other times it might be really troubling. The foul weather gear helps you stay dry and warm even when torrential rains are pounding thus ensuring you have a good time while at sea.

Life jacket

In some cases, the skipper will provide you with a life jacket when sailing but having your own is also advisable as it helps you access it quickly while at the same time ensuring that it is in good condition. Buying your own life jacket also helps you get one that is perfectly fitting and one that you know how to activate. There are many different types of life jackets and you should get one that has the best features to help you in case there is need.

Sailing gloves

These are some of the most essential sailing supplies you should have. They are not very expensive but plays an important role in giving you a firm grip while making hauling lines easier. These are especially important if you are sailing on older boats that do not have advanced winches to handle the sail or smaller boats that have thin lines. Without cut-off fingers or padded palms, they give you great flexibility and comfort and you do not feel as though you are wearing snow mittens.

Handheld VHF Radio

These essential sailing supplies come in handy to backup the ship’s VHF radio considering they do not rely on ship’s DC system or antenna. Having one as you go sailing will be very important and this should be accompanied by alkaline batteries and a waterproof bag to allow for life raft communications. The Handheld VHF radio models vary greatly and getting something that floats when dropped in water could be great. Some of the VHF radios come with vital GPS receiver and complete Digital Selective Calling safety features.

These are some of the most important sailing supplies you should consider whether you are a regular or enthusiastic sailor. You can also invest in other items such as radar reflector, bilge pumps, collision mats and patching materials among others.



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