Essential Sailing Supplies

There are different ways you can enjoy sailing, from low-stakes racing and day sails to adventurous offshore passages and long-term cruising. However, the sea and winds are always the same thus posing the same challenges and presenting the same opportunities. However, it is also good to note that sailing gear has also upgraded thus giving you the experience and safety whenever you venture into the deep seas. As the sailboat technology advances, personal items have also improved and here are some of the essential sailing supplies you should have as you prepare for a sailing experience.


As darkness covers the sea, you will need to find your way without problems and the best way is when you have a LED headlamp. The headlamp does not require your hands to be engaged and you can do other important things including sail changes. You should choose the right headlamp and it is advisable to get a one-piece set as opposed to one with separate battery box.

Foul weather gear

This gear is a must have if you are to go sailing. You should invest in a good gear that will help you when the need arises. In some cases, you might sail on waters where foul weather is a rare occurrence while other times it might be really troubling. The foul weather gear helps you stay dry and warm even when torrential rains are pounding thus ensuring you have a good time while at sea.

Life jacket

In some cases, the skipper will provide you with a life jacket when sailing but having your own is also advisable as it helps you access it quickly while at the same time ensuring that it is in good condition. Buying your own life jacket also helps you get one that is perfectly fitting and one that you know how to activate. There are many different types of life jackets and you should get one that has the best features to help you in case there is need.

Sailing gloves

These are some of the most essential sailing supplies you should have. They are not very expensive but plays an important role in giving you a firm grip while making hauling lines easier. These are especially important if you are sailing on older boats that do not have advanced winches to handle the sail or smaller boats that have thin lines. Without cut-off fingers or padded palms, they give you great flexibility and comfort and you do not feel as though you are wearing snow mittens.

Handheld VHF Radio

These essential sailing supplies come in handy to backup the ship’s VHF radio considering they do not rely on ship’s DC system or antenna. Having one as you go sailing will be very important and this should be accompanied by alkaline batteries and a waterproof bag to allow for life raft communications. The Handheld VHF radio models vary greatly and getting something that floats when dropped in water could be great. Some of the VHF radios come with vital GPS receiver and complete Digital Selective Calling safety features.

These are some of the most important sailing supplies you should consider whether you are a regular or enthusiastic sailor. You can also invest in other items such as radar reflector, bilge pumps, collision mats and patching materials among others.



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