Introduction to Sailing

Initially, sailing began as a way for people to travel and discover the world. Long before the creation of the railway systems and the roads, people would either ride on horses, donkeys, walk or sail in boats. Sailors were explorers. Sailing is the whole reason there are reassure hunts in the sea and all those pirate stories children learn about in the cartoons. Today, sailors sill maintain the bold spirit of exploration but e difference is that sailing today is a fun sporting even not a serious travel or trading thing. There is just something about going to the sea that creates a moment of fun and brings feelings of freedom. Today people go out sailing because they love water. It has been ranked the 17th fastest growing sport in the US. It is also an ageless sport so do not think that all those who can participate in it are the young people, even a 90 year old with enough strength and who knows how to get down can go sailing. Children too will love the view and the beauty of the blue skies and the endless sea.

Types of sailing

Dinghies, daysailers and keelboats

These are most suitable for people who are just beginning sailing. If you have never sailed before, this is the types of sailing boats to begin with. The trick to any sailing is to make it fun. One- step at a time as you learn how to maneuver and control. These boats are easy to control and are usually less than 25 feet in length. You are able to sail them alone also known as, solo sailing or you can sail with a crewmember. As you become a sailing expert, you can advance to the more complex boats. They are used for college racing and are therefore perfect for weekend warriors.


This takes your sailing adventures to a completely new level. Make cruising a lifestyle! If you have heard about people who sail around the world then you know they are cruising. Usually cruisers will use vessels ranging from keelboat to large yachts. Most of the cruising boats have a comfortable home bellow the deck and may include beds, bathrooms and sometimes even entertainment systems. If you want to sail without having to work, you can hire a boat with skippers of a yacht with a crew. Sunset cruises and Caribbean sailing vacations are the most family friendly sailing adventures.

Nude sailing

If you are the daring type then nude sailing is what you should be trying. It gives you the chance to hop from one island to the next, relax and just enjoy the beautiful view of nature. In such a sail,It is best to remember to pack a little extra sunscreen. You can sail for a day of for multiple days spending on which resort you go to.

Ice sailing

Also known as ice yachting, ice surfing, ice boating or hard water sailing, this is a sailing sport done in the winter. Who said winter was boring? It is a sport that began in the Netherlands and has been catching on with the rest of the world to become very famous.




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