Sailing Challenges

The sailing you undertake can be a challenge without the level of expertise and experience required to weather the storm. Teamwork in sailing is a better way of ensuring success. Pooling efforts together ensures you are able to support one another all through the hard times and the most difficult moments that you will face as a team in completing this daunting task – sailing.

This is a list of some various sailing challenges:

1. The great river race rowing challenge: This is the most prestigious and biggest event in Europe with 300 crews or more, taking part in the competition. This event attracts all kinds of teams, from fancily dressed novices to seasoned athletes, creating a very unique experience on the River Thames. All equipment for training is provided, including the needed support and safety, thus anyone can take part in it. This challenge requires teams of seven rowers, as well as one passenger to row 21 miles. This one of a kind challenge will completely change your life and does not require experience but some sense of adventure.

2. The channel row challenge: this is a lifetime challenge, one of a kind. Sailing away from the sight of land through shipping lane and heading back to the Dover Harbor safety and your supporters’ rapturous cheers awaits you on the beach. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to participate in. All that is needed to achieve this exciting experience is a team of six or seven rowers, rowing 23 miles to Abbeyville Buoy from Dover Harbor through the France coast. What makes this challenge even more exciting is the fact that you will be crossing the world’s busiest shipping lanes and will definitely return changed forever. You do not have to have rowed before to be a participant.

3. The Meridian pull rowing challenge: this requires rowing past the London landmarks towards parliament houses on the River Thames under Tower Bridge and through central London. To qualify as a rower you need to be twelve years old or more. This sailing challenge entails rowing 8.5 miles past London landmarks, thus you get the opportunity to see London from some completely different view point. This sailing challenge requires no form of experience, but a team of six rowers with some good sense of adventure.

The above three challenges are meant to take place in London as a means to generate cash or a few dollars for charity work. Therefore, to participate in the above sailing challenges you must be able to raise funds to aid charity. You do not need to have sailing experience, and all levels of fitness are invited.

4. Around the clock sailing challenge to the Channel Islands: to experience the sailing of a classic wonderful yawl racing 46 feet boat thrill, this is your perfect chance. You will sail through with your fellow challengers in the company of a professional mate and skipper to Channel Islands from Poole. Musketeer is truly a traditional boat with sleek line, built in 1963, of Honduras mahogany. Even though it is fast, a crew is needed, and this is how you come in to build and be a part of the great experience.



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